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Company employee verification investigation, also known as employment verification, is a process in which a company or organization confirms the employment details and history of an individual who claims to have worked for them. This verification is typically requested by various parties, including potential employers, lenders, landlords, government agencies, or other entities, to authenticate the information provided by the job applicant or employee.

The verification process is typically carried out by the human resources department or a designated company representative. It is important for companies to handle employee verification requests carefully to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, protect employee privacy, and comply with legal requirements, such as those related to data protection and confidentiality.

Accurate employee verification is crucial for various purposes, such as assessing a job applicant’s background, determining eligibility for loans or leases, and conducting security clearances for government jobs. It helps ensure the credibility and trustworthiness of the information provided by individuals regarding their work history and experience.

NDS Management Solutions provides services of Employee Verification to effectively screen the information given by employees. Following aspects are covered in employee verification:

Education Verification

Education verification is a process where an individual’s educational credentials are confirmed by contacting the educational institutions they attended. This typically includes checking the authenticity of degrees, diplomas, certificates, and academic records. Employers, educational institutions, or other organizations may request this information to ensure that a person’s claimed educational qualifications are accurate.

Employment Verification

Employment verification, as discussed earlier, involves confirming an individual’s work history, job title, dates of employment, and other related details with their previous employers. It helps ensure that the information provided on a job application or resume is truthful and accurate.

Address Verification

Address verification is the process of confirming an individual’s current or past residential address. It is often used by various entities, such as financial institutions, government agencies, or service providers, to verify an individual’s identity and contact information.

Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check is a review of an individual’s criminal history, which typically includes searching local, state, and federal criminal databases, as well as court records. It is used to identify any criminal convictions or pending charges and is commonly conducted by employers, landlords, law enforcement agencies, and others for security and safety purposes.

Reason for Leaving Previous Job

When an employer or prospective employer inquiries about the reason for leaving a previous job, they are seeking information about the circumstances that led to an individual’s departure from their previous employment. This can include voluntary resignations, layoffs, terminations, or other factors that may have contributed to the separation. Understanding the reason for leaving a previous job can provide insight into an individual’s work history and suitability for a new position.

Criminal background check investigation

A criminal background check investigation is a thorough examination of an individual’s criminal history and record. This investigative process is typically conducted by authorized agencies, employers, or organizations to assess an individual’s past involvement in criminal activities and to make informed decisions based on that information.

These verification and background check processes serve various purposes and are essential for maintaining the accuracy and integrity of information used in different contexts, such as hiring decisions, financial transactions, and ensuring safety and security. It’s important to conduct these checks in a lawful and respectful manner, while also respecting an individual’s privacy and consent.

If you are hiring an employee in management or you have fired some employee in both cases you need an investigation eye watch on your employee because employees are the biggest asset of the company and they have all the secrets of pricing, formulas, and many other important information that harm a company in future. Must go for Employee Verification Investigation Services. 

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Private investigators can be used to trace people, catch out a cheating partner, gather evidence of fraud and can even help in criminal investigations.

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