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NDS Management Solutions

NDS Management is a certified Private detective agency in Delhi

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Extramarital Affair Investigation

NDS is the best extramarital affair investigation agency in Delhi, India.

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Business Investigation

NDS is the Best detective agency in Delhi to offer corporate competitor investigation services

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NDS Management Solution

Best Detective Agency in Delhi

NDS Management is a certified Private detective agency in Delhi, Which is duly registered with Indian Government. Since its establishment in the year 2013, NDS Management has successfully solved many cases. Team NDS is a mix of highly professional and well trained Private Investigators (PI), Ex Police and CBI Officials, Female investigators, Cyber Crime Experts and Executives. It has unique blend of experience and knowledge and has the Best Private investigators in Delhi on its pay roll. As industries are rapidly moving forward, so are financial activities, typical corporate problems or needs such as employment checks, competitor analysis, corporate fraud, and due diligence. In the realm of investigation services, NDS Detective is the indisputable example of excellence. Therefore, there is a surge in the demand of detective agency in Delhi.

Our Services

pre matrimonial investigation

NDS management solution is the premier and the most reputed Pre Matrimonial Investigation Agency in Delhi, India.

Corporate Investigation

The corporate sector in India is flourishing and requires private investigation services for various requirements.

Divorce Case Investigations

Are you going through a divorce and your estranged partner is hiding/omitting crucial facts from court?

Missing Person investigation

Is any loved one of yours, has gone missing? Has someone deliberately gone missing and you want to trace?

Pre-Employment screening

NDS mangement is the leading company in Delhi that carries out pre-employment verification.

NDS offers both personal and corporate, Detective services in Delhi. Every case first discussed in detail with the client and then, a meticulous plan is drawn to get the requisite information for the client. No other Detective agency in Delhi, is as transparent and principled as team NDS. The cost estimation, approach, mode of operations, technique used, time period and deliverable reports and data are thoroughly discussed before taking the case. As every case which come for private investigations in Delhi, is unique, the solution to every case is also tailor made. A very methodological, logical and rational solution is offered to the esteemed clients. Unlike marketing, sales, accounting, Information technology, etc., there is no standard operating procedure (SOP) in the field of private investigations. Investigations can be carried out by human intelligence gathering, interpersonal connects, Psychoanalysis through interviews, Physical surveillance, discreet enquiries, procuring documents, reconnaissance, Using sophisticated software, hidden cameras, GPS trackers, Hidden audio devices, procurement of privileged documents etc. Private investigators can also make a blend or combination of the aforementioned methods to get desired results. If you are looking for best private detective agency in Delhi NCR, than NDS is your destination.

What NDS Management do for you?

Private investigations is a very diverse field of work. Every case is unique and needs different methodology to crack the case, therefore a Private Investigator should be very intriguing, gripping and diverting personality. Investigations is a multi-pronged and multi-faceted subject, But NDS Detective is a “one stop service provider”, which caters to all the needs of private investigations. Due to highly trained and experienced team of private investigators in Delhi, NDS detective agency in Delhi offers comprehensive and wide-ranging solutions to resolve the issues faced by clients.

NDS Detective agency is known for:

  • # Excellent investigation skills.
  • # Complete confidentiality and privacy.
  • # Detailed and comprehensive reports.
  • # Use of modern and sophisticated hardware’s and software’s.
  • # Free consultancy and affordable private investigations.
  • # Time bound results with no hidden or miscellaneous charges.
  • # All the reports are duly backed by factual data such as videos, audios, testimonials, documents etc.

Our Locations

A Private detective also commonly referred to as private investigator (PI) or private eye is a person who is hired by an individual/company/govt. to undertake investigatory services. The work of a private investigator is to collect information, evidences, proof and documents etc. as desired by client. A private detective also develops intelligence about case.

If you are facing certain issues in life, where you are in dilemma, like suspicion of affair about husband or wife, some information getting leaked, evidence in any legal case in court, business intelligence, fixing a matrimonial alliance/match with an unknown family, market and competitor analysis etc. than you should straightaway go to a reliable detective agency in Delhi.

Although you should discuss the deliverables before allocating investigation work alongside cost price, time period, duration and methodology, still in most cases detective agency provides written report, verbal reports which is duly substantiated with photographs, videos, documents etc., NDS management agency in Delhi, provides factually correct and informative reports which is backed by evidences, which are irrefutable in nature.

Secrecy and confidentiality of client is given top priority in our company. The entire industry of private investigations is based on privacy of client. The client can sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), if they wish to do so. The case of client is shared with one of our agent (an experienced private detective in Delhi), however neither the agent nor the client know about each other’s identity. We are known as the best detective agency in India for this very reason.

The cost depends on the kind of work which the client allocate. There are several factors which need to be considered to determine the cost. These factors are: nature of investigations required, City where the Investigations is required, Time period and efforts put in investigations and resources used in investigations. NDS is the most affordable detective agency in Delhi. Call immediately for free consultation for private investigations.

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24/7 Support

A team of Expert Detectives, Counselor & Operations staff, which gives complete support.

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Expert Employees

Highly Trained & Dedicated team of Private Detectives & Legal Experts.

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Regd with GoI

A Private Investigation firm with all necessary license & Registration

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Uses Latest Technology

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Why Choose NDS management for Detective Services in Delhi?

  •  Time bound investigations.
  •  Very high success rate.
  •  Highly resourceful and network across India.
  •  Affordable in cost.
  •  First visit, no consultancy charges.
  •  Reputed and trustworthy.
  •  Thorough understanding of law, investigations and detection.
  •  Expert in troubleshooting.

NDS Management Solutions

A team of Expert Detectives, Counselor & Operations staff, which gives complete support. A Private Investigation firm with all necessary license & Registration. Highly Trained & Dedicated team of Private Detectives & Legal Experts.